━ Ecologically Safe

Sustainable Waste Management in Bloomsburg and the Surrounding Areas

Your environmentally focused waste management company serving Bloomsburg, Berwick, Danville, Hazleton, and surrounding areas in Pennsylvania

━ Ecologically Safe

Sustainable Waste Management in Bloomsburg and the Surrounding Areas

Your environmentally focused waste management company serving Bloomsburg, Berwick, Danville, Hazleton, and surrounding areas in Pennsylvania

We clean up your waste and the planet.


Waste management doesn’t have to be hazardous to our planet – there are right and wrong ways to do everything. When you call Eco 1st Logistics, you’re not just contracting us for a job; you’re working with a strategic partner committed to providing sustainable disposal services to Pennsylvania residents just like you. Take the pledge with us to ensure that disposing of your waste remains environmentally friendly.

Choose Eco 1st Logistics as your waste management partner, and let us sort out the clutter for you. With various services at your fingertips, you can take charge of your waste and protect the environment around you.

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    Rent a Dumpster Online

    Need a quick solution to a huge problem? Rent a dumpster online right now and get one at your location within one business day at the earliest.

    Waste Management

    Eco 1st Logistics has waste management solutions for every need. We’ve designed each of these services to handle your junk easily and efficiently – let us clean up for you.

    Roll-Off Container & Dumpster Rentals

    We offer big solutions to big problems. Our 20, 30, and 40-yard roll-off container dumpster rentals are here for you for various projects.

    Residential Trash Pick-Up

    We offer weekly residential trash pick-ups for people in certain areas near Bloomsburg, PA.

    Residential & Commercial Clean Outs

    We assist with both residential and commercial clean-outs, all while sorting through what can be recycled.

    E-Waste Recycling

    We recycle your old electronics to make way for the new.

    Residential Trash Pick-Up

    Eco 1st Logistics is always looking for more ways to reduce our community’s waste footprint. That’s why we are proud to offer residential trash pick-up on Wednesday mornings for people living in:

    • Bloomsburg, PA
    • Berwick, PA
    • Briar Creek Borough, PA
    • Briar Creek Township, PA
    • Salem Township, PA
    • Nescopeck, PA

    For just $25 a month or a discounted annual rate of $285, you can count on reliable trash pick-up from us every Wednesday. We’ll even take large items, such as furniture and mattresses if you let us know ahead of time!

    Why Go With a Professional Waste Management Company?

    1. Saves Time

    Working with a company such as Eco 1st Logistics means we are your one-stop solution for disposing of all the junk you have at one time. Whatever type of waste you’re getting rid of – from hazardous materials to electronics – you can do it all in one place with us, saving you time and energy.

    2. Saves Money

    Of course, disposing of all your waste in one place also saves you money. You won’t have to find separate solutions to each of your waste problems. Eco 1st Logistics will handle it all at once for you! This can be especially beneficial to small businesses that don’t have the resources to dispose of all their waste on their own while remaining compliant with local regulations.

    3. Gives You Greater Purpose

    Everyone’s contributions matter when it comes to proper waste disposal. As we’ve believed since our founding, companies like ours are responsible for caring for the one planet we all share together. When you use professional waste management services, you join a cause that’s greater than all of us: making our shared environment safe and sustainable for the future.

    4. Unites You With Your Community

    For us here at Eco 1st Logistics, it’s enjoyable to do business with people who are just as passionate about sustainable waste management as we are. We always hope that, wherever we go in Pennsylvania, we inspire and encourage our customers to spread the word about responsible waste disposal. After all, we are all in this together!

    Environmentally Conscious Waste Management Born from Passion

    e waste recucling

    Eco 1st Logistics is your partner in progress toward a cleaner and safer world. Established in 2022 by four visionary entrepreneurs – Travis, Angelo, Anthony, and Alex – we’re driven by a shared mission to provide waste services that prioritize our environment without compromising affordability or reliability.

    Our founders’ real-world experience and frustration with inadequate waste disposal services led us to notice a trend of recyclable materials being mindlessly discarded. We’re here to change that narrative. Eco 1st Logistics offers not just a service but an opportunity for the communities of Bloomsburg, Berwick, Danville, Hazleton, and surrounding areas to join hands in a larger, global cause: preserving our planet.

    With a spectrum of services – including roll-off container rentals, residential and commercial cleanouts, comprehensive e-waste recycling, and residential trash pick-ups – we’re tackling the issue of waste management from all fronts. With expertise in electronics recycling, we ensure that your old gadgets sustainably find new life.

    Your choice today has the power to shape our tomorrow. Partner with Eco 1st Logistics, and let’s build a cleaner future, one piece of waste at a time.

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