Electronics Waste Recycling in Bloomsburg, PA

Eco 1st Logistics is proud to offer electronic waste recycling in Bloomsburg and the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania. E-waste recycling safely disposes of your old electronics while helping to preserve the planet by keeping toxic chemicals out of landfills and returning raw materials to the manufacturing cycle.

We are happy to help you clean out your residential or commercial property of all old and unused electronics and recycle them responsibly. Contact us today to schedule your e-waste recycling!

Types of E-Waste We Recycle

We accept all types of electronic waste for recycling or reusing, including:

  • Computers and associated devices – computers, laptops, mice, keyboards, hard drives, printers
  • Mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, music players
  • Entertainment devices – stereo systems, digital cameras, video cameras, gaming consoles
  • Office equipment – phones, answering machines, fax machines, copiers, projectors
  • Data center equipment – servers, routers, cables, panelboards, mainframe computers

See a comprehensive list of e-waste that we accept by clicking below!

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    Our Electronic Waste Disposal in Bloomsburg and the Surrounding Areas

    We tailor our e-waste recycling services to our customers. Maybe you’re a large corporation looking to manage your leftover electronics and data after a large-scale equipment upgrade. You could also be a small business trying to eliminate a few computers. Or maybe some e-waste is taking up space in your house or garage.

    Eco 1st Logistics coordinates our services to match your needs. Here’s how our process works:

    1. We come to you to collect your old electronics. Whether you’re in a home or business, we’ll take your e-waste.
    2. We return the electronics to our recycling facility, where we process and classify them.
    3. Based on the types of electronics we collect, we either recycle or reuse what we have. Recycling involves turning the electronics over to manufacturers to break down and use in new manufacturing. With reusing, someone can employ the electronics in other ways.

    We put the environment first by ensuring we partner only with organizations that appropriately use or dispose of their e-waste. Our electronic waste ends up in places other than landfills, where it could leach into the soil and water.

    Importance of E-Waste Recycling

    Eco 1st Logistics is proud to offer e-waste recycling services for several reasons. The truth is that recycling electronics helps the planet in more ways than many people realize!

    Electronic recycling:

    • Prevents pollution that manufacturers would create by making new products
    • Saves the Earth’s resources from manufacturers harvesting them for production
    • Keeps the toxic materials inside electronics from seeping into the ground in landfills, keeping the local environment cleaner
    • Creates jobs
    • Allows low-income people and organizations to receive donated electronics
    • Prevents American companies from shipping e-waste to other countries
    electronic waste recycling in Bloomsburg, PA helps the environment, exemplified in this tree growing from circuitry

    E-Waste Recycling in Bloomsburg, PA, and the Surrounding Areas

    At Eco 1st Logistics, we are proud of our track record of helping our customers with electronic waste removal while prioritizing the environment’s health. Contact us when you need efficient and responsible electronic recycling in any of our central and northeastern Pennsylvania service areas. We operate a team of experts and offer fair pricing on all our services.

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